SLP Private Practice Essentials for 2019

SLP Private Practice Essentials for 2019

Essential tools for SLPs in private practice

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My private practice had its highs and lows in 2018, but it ended on a positive note because I learned how to set up systems and find resources to make my work life run more smoothly. Here are my private practice essentials for 2019:

1. Simple Practice EHR. In 2018, I emerged from the Stone Age of documentation and switched from hard copies of paperwork to an EHR (not sure what an EHR is? Check out this blog post). I've saved SO MUCH time and effort by having all of my paperwork in one place, with paperless intake forms and a secure client portal to communicate with my clients. If you're on the fence about choosing an EHR, I wrote a blog post to help you out, and also have an entire module in my course devoted to evaluating EHRs (and whether you need one).

2. Victorinox Werks Traveler Tote.  My old SLP bag gave up the ghost this year, so I  upgraded to this amazing bag. It's roomy, with 4 inside pockets (all large enough to hold my spiral-bound edition of Secord's Eliciting Sounds book); a large zippered inside pocket that's big enough for a 15 inch laptop or many file folders; 2 outside pockets that are both big enough for a Kindle or small iPad; and a zippered top to keep little hands out of your business. It's even big enough to hold a Cariboo game! Very professional and extremely functional. (Amazon Affiliate link)


3. FIGS scrubs. I choose to wear scrubs to see my clients because I sit on a lot of floors with my younger clients, and I don't love trying to keep my business casual wear clean while trekking from home to home. I also like to look professional and represent the medical side of our field. I had been wearing some plain scrubs that I'd gotten in grad school, but they broke my Cardinal Workwear Rule: they required ironing. I switched to FIGS because they do not need to be ironed, are wildly comfortable, easy to clean, and look very professional. Bonus- if you purchase them through my referral link, you get 15% off your order! They have scrubs for both men and women.

4. A Throat Scope tongue depressor with light. This little device is practically magic at getting kids to (literally) open up for oral mechanism exams, and is wonderful for seeing enlarged tonsils or other oral structures. It has made evaluations much easier and even more fun!

5. Piecing It Together: A Systematic Approach to More Effective Language Therapy by Martha Frimer Cheslow. This is an excellent framework for approaching language therapy for any age of client. It includes goal lists and sequential targets for different language areas, which are invaluable for planning FUNCTIONAL therapy. (Amazon Affiliate link)


All of these resources have made my life easier this year, and I hope they make yours easier too! Let me know if you have other amazing tools in the comments!

Want to see all of my recommended resources? My Amazon storefront has lists for your office, teletherapy, EI, and other resources! 

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